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Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Read these books and your life will change. 


Why all of a sudden you turned right instead of left and found out moments later there had been a fatal accident that would have been in your path?

Choosing to do something that you know is wrong and you feel that nudge in your soul telling you no, but you choose to do it anyways?

Coincidence? No, nothing ever is. God finds ways to get our attention so we can follow him to lead us to our salvation.

This heart-warming, gut-wrenching true story that Heather endured with her husband Adam while their marriage was suffering for over ten years came to life after her rediscovery of Jesus our savior. The journey that Jesus took Heather on with Adam's soul led her to walk in the faith.

Visions of events and emotional struggles, keeping her eyes on Jesus while he was working not only on their marriage but also showing Heather how to fight the right way to save her and her husband's soul.

God never intended marriages and families to be destroyed which he brought together from the beginning through his love. The enemy has a way of breaking down marriages with lust, infidelity, brokenness, and abuse, but following "the voice of faith" will get you through anything in your life.

After the return of Adam, Heather thought all her pain and suffering had finally ended. Making plans with Adam and knowing that Jesus was now a part of their lives, Heather felt her marriage could be healed.
Changes throughout their journey and witnessing more clarity made Heather question if Adam had really returned for good. Keeping her faith and eyes on Jesus while he was still working out the emotional struggles within Adam, Heather's life turned a different direction.
Holding desperately on to our Savior Jesus Christ, she listened for his voice to guide her. Building more strength through Christ and surrendering to him, God was able to do his work. Seeing what God was showing her, Heather was brought to her knees, which made her realize what she needed to do to save herself.
This true story will keep you on the edge of your seat asking the questions, "Did Adam really come home for good? Will Heather finally free herself from all the pain and suffering? Will God break the curse?"

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