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Hi Sassy Tanners!

Welcome to our new blog. Sassy Tan has had a lot of new and exciting changes and we are excited that you are along for the ride with us! So what's new? Some of you may know and some of you may not, that's okay! Let me fill you in. Heather (Owner) has launched her new book titled "The Voice of Faith," which is located in our stores as well as Amazon. Heather talks about her life and her walk with God, a phenomenal read. Learn more about her book and watch the YouTube trailer on our About Us page. Not only has Heather written her book, she also sold her South Location to one of Sassy's very own Courtney and her husband Kirk. Heather's book is taking her places she couldn't have imagined and in order to portray her book as there will be a second, she needed to know that both salons would be taken care of without stress. Courtney and Heather are in partnership with one another and don't intend on changing anything about the locations, except the insides. Learn more about the new Owners on our About Us page as well.

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