What do they all mean?!?!

Updated: May 5, 2020

One of the most important things about tanning is the LOTION!!!

Lotion.... I know right!


Think about this... When you tan outside on the beach or tan in general, how does your skin feel during or after when the sun hits your skin? Dry, tight and itchy? That could be because you got burnt or your skin doesn't have enough moisture. Lotion causes your skin to feel moisturized and not dry or cracked. It also makes your skin smell, feel and look better after tanning. So what are these fancy meanings and names you see on a tanning lotion bottle that seems to be the same?

From Intensifiers, to bronzers to natural bronzer to maximizer and so much more, it's all madness.

Here is a breakdown of what the fancy meanings mean.

Accelerators/Intensifiers are used for beginning tanners (level 1) who are new to the indoor process. They contain large amounts of moisturizers and have the ability to tan your skin better and faster as well as holding your tan longer.

Maximizers are known as a level 2 product for clients who have reached a base tan and want to continue tanning. They do not hold a lot of moisturizers like accelerators. Maximizers also help the start of the production of melanin which gives your skin that boost for your natural color to pop through.

Tingles are made for those who do not have sensitive skin. Also for more advanced tanners who can handle the feel of a Tingle (Level 3). Tingle lotions contain ingredients that cause a redding and increase blood flow to the skin for a faster process of tanning. They can be very uncomfortable and feel like pins and needles in or on your skin. If your skin has hit its plateau and other parts of your body are getting darker than others, Tingles are recommended for the faster startup process. Definitely not recommended for sensitive skin or who won't be able to handle the feel. Skin stays red for 1 hr.

Bronzers are sunless self tanners that are found in many lotions for instant results. Finding a lotion that is streak free will prevent your skin from turning orange or uneven.

DHA is linked with Bronzer lotions and causes the skin to stain to promote a fake tan. Finding a lotion that is DHA free will not have the same effect on the skin.

Natural Bronzers provide immediate results without streaking or staining.

Can I shower right after I tan?

Showering right after tanning can cause the skin to dry out and will prevent your skin from developing the color to the fullest. If using DHA tanning lotions, it is best to shower after 4 hours for the lotion needs time to seep into the skin.

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