We Are Essential

The year 2020 hasn't started off in the best way. As the new year rolls around, we think its going to be the best one yet. But then, COVID-19 hits... and March 19, 2020 our doors closed. As I thought it would only be for a week, it turned into a month and a half. It was the longest month of my life as it was for our clients too.

As the government and the president would say, "We aren't essential." I on the other hand think otherwise. For those of you reading this, I hope you do too. The next time we get told to shut down I hope we are able to keep our doors open.

As many would say people only tan to get COLOR.... as for some that may be true but correction, have you even asked those who come into tanning salons why they tan? I would assume not. A majority of our clients tan for medical reasons. No we are not a medical facility, but YES our business helps those in need.

Many of our clients tan for Psoriasis, MS, Seasonal Depression and Fibromyalgia.

All of our clients see us as being essential and do not classify us under the category of being cancerous.

The month that our business was shut down, all of our clients that deal with their hardships on a day to day basis had an extremely hard time being able to get through the month without the help of our business giving that extra boost in their day.

Below are some of our very own clients stories explaining to you how we have made an impact in their life.

"Good Morning! My name is Chelsa Francis. My husband and myself both come here and love love this place and the staff!!!!! My husband has MS and I am Bi-Polar so for us this business is very very Essential for us my husband lacks Vitamin D and this is his only source of it, he takes 70,000 unit by mouth still not enough!!!! This place gives it to him!!!!!! I have up and down emotional states and being lock down creates depression and this place keeps me balanced I feel calmer like my anxieties and stress are melting away!!!!!!! Please please consider people like us and the so many other with their stories of why it is an essential part of lives!!!! # Make Tanning Salons Essential!!!!!! They are needed!!!!!!! We love you girls all of you at Sassy Tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hi my name is Rachelle. I suffer from Depression and Fibromyalgia. When the salon was shut down I was unable to get out of bed and my body hurt more than usual. It pained my son to have to see me the way he did. Not being able to get out of bed and in excruciating pain. The beds give my body a sense of warmth and comfort from the lights. This salon gives me a reason to do what I need to do and look forward to seeing everyone and making my body feel better. Tanning salons should be considered essential especially for those in need.

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