It's More Than Color

What do you think of when you hear tanning? Most think, color, skin cancer, sunburn, indoor-outdoor, the beach, sunless tanners etc. As many of those are correct, we did some digging and wanted to find out from our clients why they tan. Some said they tanned for color or to get ready for their tropical trip and didn't want to get burnt, but MOST said they come to our facility to tan to help with their medical condition (Seasonal Depression, psoriasis, Eczema, Vitamin D and more). Years ago it was said that artificial tanning was the leading cause of skin cancer... not necessarily. What people aren't understanding is skin cancer is from our genetics and more. YOU control how you take care of your skin. So if your going from one tanning salon to another so you can get darker, then Yes you will most likely get skin cancer because you are not taking care of your skin or body. What people also aren't seeing is, our employees are trained to ensure tanning is being monitored properly and effectively. You physically cannot tan more than once a day in our salon, the system will not let you even if you go to one of our other locations. It is impossible. We are not able to control what happens outside of our salon, but you can. Take care of you!

With that being said, Pam has been tanning with us since 2003. She doesn't tan to make herself darker, she tans for psoriasis. The bulbs and the heat from the beds help take control of her psoriasis to take action before it gets worse. She gets the psoriasis on her eye which causes so much itching and pain. Tanning helps her condition from getting worse and stops the itching for the little time that she is here and has seen a decrease as she keeps up with the exposure to her psoriasis.

**People like Pam are the reasons why we love to help others. As many would say, "Tanning is bad for you," others would say Thank You.**

Taking control of psoriasis

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