About Us

Small Beginnings

Since the opening of their Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar, owners Heather and Adam Larribas have built a solid reputation as Colorado Springs' most trusted and friendly Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar. In the fall of 2018, Heather and Adam sold their south location to Courtney one of Sassy's oldest employee. We as a team are committed to providing quality service to our community. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar is the recipe for success.  While others seek to profit by cutting corners, having excessive prices or recommending unnecessary services to customers, we believe that a good reputation, consistent service and simplicity will reap bigger rewards in the long run.  By being trustworthy, and building an exceptional team, we believe that we will enjoy a long-term profitable Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar that serves our community. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Heather and Adam Larribas

New South Salon Owner

Brynli & CC.jpg

Courtney is a fairly new business owner but has years of experience with the tanning industry. Courtney is a former Sassy employee of Heather and Adams for over 4 years. As it has always been Courtney's dream to own a tanning salon, Heather knew Courtney was the best fit for the South Salon. Together as they support one another, they share the same beliefs and mission. Courtney has a 3 year old daughter Brynli, who is her pride and joy and hopes one day to be able to leave the south salon to Brynli. They are excited to be able to add another addition to their family, the South Salon. 

 Courtney & Brynli Cadenhead

The Voice of Faith


Heather has published her very own book, The Voice of Faith. This heartwarming, gut-wrenching true story explains Heather's rediscovery of Jesus our savior and explains the journey that Jesus took her soul to lead her to walk in the faith. Own your own copy today at any Sassy Suntan location or Amazon.