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Heather & Adam Owners

Sporting our new swag!

Since the opening of their Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar, owners Heather and Adam Larribas have built a solid reputation as Colorado Springs' most trusted and friendly Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar. They are now venturing into their third location to continue and bring quality service throughout the Springs.

We are committed to providing quality service to our community. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar is the recipe for success.

While others seek to profit by cutting corners, having excessive prices or recommending unnecessary services to customers, we believe that a good reputation, consistent service and simplicity will reap bigger rewards in the long run.

By being trustworthy, and building an exceptional team, we believe that we will enjoy a long term profitable Tanning Salon, Spa & Oxygen Bar that serves our community.

Thank You for allowing us to serve you.

For more information, send us a request on our "Contact Us" tab.

All of our locations provide a wide assortment of services so please check with each location if looking for a specific service besides UV Free/ UV Tanning.

We would like to introduce our Sassy Girls and share some fun with you so that you may feel apart of our family before even stepping foot in one of our three locations.

Heather- Sassy Goddess

Adam -  Mr Sass

Hannah- Empress Sassy

Courtney- Spicoli Sassy

Taylor- Sassy Pants

Katie- Sassy 2 Chains

Heather - Southern Sas

Mary - Pink McSassy

Ashleigh - Ms Meow Sass

Ashley - Sassy Princess


Our High Level Beds

Like the waves at Malibu, this awesome machine takes you in. You'll feel how powerful it is, and it will keep you coming back time and time again for another experience.

This level 3 tanning bed comes with a total of   46 tanning lamps including 4 High Pressure facials and has 8,320 watts of pure tanning power.

~12 minute maximum tanning time
~The Malibu tanning bed features an on-board AM/FM/CD Pioneer Sound System with optional Ipod hookup
~5 Built in body blowers.

Extraordinary results from the most technologically advanced system. At only 9 minutes the V56 has a black belt in performance.

56 Total Lamps
360° Interior Illumination

~9 minute maximum tanning time
~Interior visual display timer
~Total Bed Wattage: 11,100
~Built in speakers with external AM/FM/CD Sound System

Our Mission Statement:

"We are committed to providing the best tanning technology in the cleanest,most comfortable environment for our clients."

Sassy Spa Services

Steve Hinman LMT CNMT
Healing Hands Massage

Tracy Winterbottom RMT CNMT
Stolen Moments Massage

Ellen Dishman LMT
Serenity Haven Massage

Skin Services
Tracy Starrat
Aphrodite Skin Solutions

Our Medium & Base Beds

Take it to the limit
This brilliant combination of high-pressure, 160 watt and 100 watt technology, this UVA bed will take your tanning results to the limit.

The Pacifica makes a perfect level 2 tanning bed with a total of 39 tanning lamps including 3 High Pressure facial lamps.

~12 minute maximum tanning time
~The Pacifica tanning beds come with an on-board AM/FM/CD Pioneer Sound System with optional Ipod hookup
~5 Built in body blowers.

This is the South locations Med Bed. Its offers 1500 watt and 100 watt bronzing technology, this is a UVA bed that will take you to that golden brown.

12 min max
In room radio with CD player and IPOD connector

This is another option for a med bed at the South location. This bed offers mainly UVA rays to bronze you. IT has an on board fan to keep you cool, and facial bulbs the can be turned on or off.

This bed is a 15 min max
In room radio with IPod connections

The Soltech Salon tanning bed line by Soleil Systems provides an ergonomic design and maximum comfort with unmatched tanning from a base level bed.

Our Premier Soltech Salon Level 1 beds come with 28 100 watt lamps with 1 tanning facial. Most other Level 1 beds have only 24 lamps and NO Facial!

~20 minute maximum tanning time
~Frosted acrylics for better UV dispersion
~Built in blower
~External AM/FM/CD Stereo Sound System

Sassy being Sassy

Boss Lady & Spicoli
Adam, Heather & Mama Flo

Sassy Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2013

Adam & Heather Ugly Sweater Party 2013

Pauly D, Heather & Hannah Nashville 2013

Roger & Hannah Nashville 2013

Kizer & Bender with Heather & Hannah Nashville 2013